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RIECO Report - Jacob Wells Q&A

Jacob Wells, is an accomplished Professional Kickboxer and Semi Professional Boxer with over 10 years of experience in the fight world and currently holds the following titles:

• ISKA European Champion⁣
• WKA European Champion⁣
• ISKA English Champion⁣
• WKMA English Boxing Champion⁣

We caught up with our sponsored Athlete to find out about his journey so far, how Covid 19 affected his training and to find out more about the multiple time champion. 
How was your training affected during the pandemic?
JW: I have been able to train a lot with more runs and that side of it. I have missed sparring but I've been keeping active. 
How would you describe your journey in the fighting world so far?
JW: It’s been the biggest emotional rollercoaster of my life and I've loved every bit of it. 
How and what age did you get into boxing?
JW: At 16 years of age I had my first fight. 
Where do you train?
JW: I trained under Marty at the Marty Cox's gym for 9 years and then I moved to the Cobra Gym Victoria London. 
What is the best piece of advice you would have for any young and up and coming coming fighters?
JW: Keep busy, keep active and always be ready. The phone could go at any time for a fight and you don’t want to miss anything. 
Who inspires you as an athlete?
JW: Tyson Fury. 
Who do you see being a success in the future in the world of boxing or combat sports?
JW: Daniel DDD.
Which exercises do you find most effective?
JW: Running.
What is the strangest training method you have seen or tried?
JW: Boxing blind folded!
Which brands do you like to wear in and outside of the gym?
JW: Nike and Adidas. 
Do you find there are mental benefits to training as well as physical? If so, what in particular?
JW: I think it’s a great way of life to always be training and keeping fit. There is no better feeling then being fit and being content. I believe that’s what we are looking for. 
How do you stay motivated?
JW: Chasing the big titles and proving people wrong. There is no bigger motivation than that! 
How much are you looking forward to getting back in the ring?
JW: More then ever, I can’t wait to step back in the ring. 
Which titles do you currently hold in Kickboxing and Boxing?
JW: Iska wka European titles iska English title and wkma English boxing title
What are the biggest differences in the way you prepare for a boxing bout compared to a kickboxing bout?
JW: Working on different ranges and and a lot more angle changing.
Instagram handle: @Jacob.wells75

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