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RIECO Report - Jack Massey Q&A

Jack Massey Professional Boxer Manchester Blog Post Q&A


Jack Massey, 27, is a professional Boxer with a bright future ahead of him. Currently, he is under the promotion of Frank Warren and he recently fought for the BBBofC British Cruiser Title. He has a current record of 16 wins, 1 loss and 8 KO's.

We caught up with our sponsored Athlete to find out about his journey so far, how Covid 19 affected his training and to find out more about the Derbyshire born Cruiserweight.  

How has your training been affected during Covid 19? 
JM: I’ve been training all the way through lockdown and doing what I can such running, outdoor swimming, etc. I'm now back in the gym back to normal training.

How would you describe your journey in the boxing world so far?

JM: It’s been a really tough journey full of ups and downs such as injuries and set backs but it’s made me hungry to get to the top.

How and what age did you get into boxing?

JM: I got into boxing at the age of 11 after my brother started up and I started at a small old school gym in Buxton.

What is the best piece of advice you would have for any young and up and coming Boxers?

JM: Best piece of advice is probably have persistence. Failure is learning and it will make you come back stronger 💪🏼

Which exercises do you find most effective?

JM: Best exercise to prepare for a fight is sparring. You can be super fit but having that ring fitness is totally different.

What is the strangest training method you have seen or tried?

JM: One of the Strangest exercises I’ve ever seen is someone doing pad work on a treadmill or dodging boxing gloves 🤣

Which brands do you like to wear in and outside of the gym?

JM: Lots of brands but Rieco clothing send me some great gear.

Do you find there are mental benefits to training as well as physical?

JM: Absolutely. Training is not only for the body but the mind too. If you push that little extra in the gym you prepare for those last hard rounds in the fight mentally.

How do you stay motivated?

JM: What keeps me motivated is that if I wasn’t boxing I’d probably be stuck in a factory for 10 hours a day because I didn’t listen at school 🤣

How much are you looking forward to getting back in the ring?

JM: I can’t wait to get back in the ring and do some damage in the cruiserweight division 👊🏼

Instagram handle: @jackmasseyboxing

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